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The DUI Handbook for the Accused

Published in 2007, this was the first DUI book published by Whatcom County Criminal defense lawyer David N. Jolly.

The DUI Handbook for the Accused Vol. II

This is a comprehensive view of the DUI process that looks at the Nation as a whole and the impact of DWI.

The Washington State DUI Pocket Handbook

If you're not fighting a DUI in Whatcom, Snohomish, Skagit, Island or King Counties, then this is the book for the State.

The King County DUI Handbook

A DUI in King County is dancing with the devil.  Your preparation beings with the King County DUI book.

The Island County DUI Handbook

Fighting an Island County DUI starts here!

The Whatcom County DUI Handbook

The first only book that details Whatcom County DUI cases from the arrest, court process and everything else.

The Skagit County DUI Handbook

Skagit County DUI cases are hard to beat but this book details the ins and out of a DUI in Skagit County.

The Snohomish County DUI Handbook

A Snohomish County DUI is treated by the government very severly but this book details how to improve you case and fight your DUI in Snohomish County.

The DUI Investigation Handbook

This book details DUI detection from driving observations, physical manifestations and field sobriety tests.

The Traffic Ticket Handbook

The Traffic Ticket Handbook details the process behind the dreaded traffic ticket and how to beat it in court.

The Marijuana DUI Handbook

Published in 2014, this is the very first book of its kind, detailing the Marijuana DUI Process.

The Drug DUI Handbook

The Drug DUI Handbook details every drug that affects an individual, the driver and how they are detected.

The History of Driving under the Influence

This award winning book was the first book to detail the history of Driving Under the Influence.

DUI & Criminal Defense Books by David N. Jolly

The Ultimate Washington State DUI Handbook

The Ultimate Washington State DUI Handbook is a comprehensive look at the DUI process in the State.

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DUI Books

Recently I had a DUI in Whatcom County.  I called many Bellingham lawyers but decided that David Jolly was the best choice. He was very kind and compassionate but honest, which I liked. I was also impressed by his knowledge and the fact that he has written so many books. It was a difficult time but he got my DUI reduced and saved my license. 

- Kevin, Bellingham, WA

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A DUI arrest may result in a license suspension, jail, fines, an ignition interlock, alcohol evaluation, DUI Victim Panel and more. These books detail all of these!

 Knowledge is Power

Following an arrest for a crime in Bellingham you have important decisions to make - these books detail the information you must know. 

An arrest for DUI in Bellingham will result in a court appearance as soon as the next day. Your first court date is called an arraignment and the Judge may place harsh conditions on you - find out more now! 

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  • The Free Whatcom Count DUI book gives you information you will need - that'll help!
  • Five County DUI Books, all available for free, can be downloaded here
  • The Marijuana DUI Handbook is the first and only book detailing Washington's new DUI law and the entire process for a marijuana DUI.
  • The History of Driving Under the Influence is an award winning book and the first and only book detailing the history of the crime
  • Talk to Bellingham attorney David N. Jolly about your Whatcom County criminal case

 Download Free Books

The licensing process championed by the Washington State Department of Licensing is complicated and frustrating.  These books give information regarding the DOL hearing and restrictive licenses.

Helping your DUI Case

Having as much information as you can following your arrest for a crime is critical to making the right decisions about your case. These books give you all the details.

The criminal system is complicated and confusing.  The following DUI books detail the court process from arraignment, pretrial, motions, trial and sentencing.

Court System Details

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