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Driver License Information

 7 Days to Save your DL

Your Driver's License is at Risk following an Arrest for DUI in Whatcom County

Save your Driver's License in Whatcom County

It's hard not to feel sorry for yourself following an arrest for a criminal charge in Whatcom County.  Being arrested for DUI, Minor DUI or Physical Control in Bellingham, or anywhere in Whatcom County will place your driver's license in jeopardy.  The truth is that most of us require a valid driver's license to function but some individuals need it more than others. If you drive for a living, hold a commercial driver's license (CDL), need to drive your own car to get to work and maintain employment, if you are a mother and need to taxi your children to school, doctor's appointments or sporting activities, you need to drive!  

If you are like the rest of us and must maintain your privilege to drive following a criminal arrest in Whatcom County you have no time to waste.  The most immediate concern is that you must mail (certified) or apply online for a driver's hearing with the DOL.  You only have 7 days to request a hearing so there is no time to waste.  The application for the DOL hearing is near the top of this page, so simply click the blue button and the application will appear. If you apply for the DOL hearing within 7 days, the DOL will mail you (and your Whatcom County DUI defense attorney) a package that contains a cover page notifying you of the hearing date and time and, the DOL hearing officer who will conduct the hearing.  The package will also have the police report, which the DOL will use as evidence against you at the Department of Licensing hearing.

 The DOL may Require

  • Proof on Ignition Interlock Installation, an alcohol evaluation, ADIS class, and SR 22 Insurance
  • An application for an Ignition Interlock license prior to approval
  • The DOL will not approve your application for an ignition interlock device until they have received proof of SR 22 insurance and the installation of the ignition interlock device.

Driver License Tips

  • If arrested for DUI and your BAC was over 0.08, over 0.02 (if under 21), over 0.04 (for a CDL driver), you refused the breath/blood draw or, if you had 5 nangrams or more of THC in your blood, you must request a DOL hearing to save your license
  • After a license suspension has been completed, be sure to go to a DOL office and pay the reinstatement fee.

  • Mail certified (or apply online) the DOL Driver's Hearing Request form.
  • Retain a Whatcom County DUI Lawyer
  • Be realistic - the DOL says that over 80% of all petitioners (defendants) lose
  • Deferred Prosecution will save a license

  How to Beat the DOL

As soon as you are arrested  for DUI in Whatcom County your work begins. It is important to remember you only have 7 days to request a hearing with the DOL and save your driver's license.

Ignition Interlock License

Your privilege to drive is important and may even be necessary. If you lose your license you can still drive lawfully by obtaining an ignition interlock license.

An arrest for a Whatcom County DUI may suspend your license. If you are convicted in court you will lose your license but you must also win the DOL hearing to keep your driving privilege.

DOL and Your License